We are increasingly investing on international markets.
Our main focus is on developing countries, where we meet the greatest creativity challenges to fuel our team.

While initially focused on environmental management and evaluation, geodynamics and the planning and rehabilitation of coastal areas, new demands like sustainability have pushed us to reach further and achieve more.

The management of water resources, environmental strategy planning and management, assessment of programs and public policies, economic and socioeconomic studies, multidisciplinary studies, communication programs and sustainability projects are just some of the activities that have a growing importance in Nemus’ portfolio. These will continue to develop, not only because of increasing social imposition and an evolution of regulating boards, but also because of the quick growth in some parts of the world.

Our values:

We promote strategic vision and creativity and are always open to exploring new ideas capable of transforming reality or add value to the projects.

We aim to achieve excellence through efficient work methods and certified processes, constant professional updating of our team, maintaining stable partnerships and a client-serving  culture.

At Nemus we believe that talent is the distinguishing factor. That is why it is present in our flexible and experienced multidisciplinary team, endowed with a sense of responsibility and commitment.

The diversity of projects, clients, geographic places and teams is a major challenge which can only be overcome by our experience, discipline, courage and engagement.

Certification & Quality

Nemus’ Quality Management System is certified by TÜV Rheinland Portugal in accordance with the Norm NP ISO 9001:2015. (view the certificate here).

Our quality policy is based on the continuous improvement of procedures and the constant monitoring of the company’s performance, the instruction needs of our collaborators, the external suppliers, and the satisfaction of our clients.

To provide international best practice standards, Nemus also applies a strict anti-corruption Code of Conduct and Ethics.