We believe that now, more than ever, there is a demand for highly valued services, based on knowledge, competitiveness, personalization and the quality of the end results. These are but a few of the criteria we have long since applied in our corporate culture.

Our Services

Strategic Environmental Assessment
Strategic environmental assessment studies of spatial plans and public policies programs focused in various domains, such as the environment, water, nature preservation, coastal areas, energy and transports.
Environmental Impact Assessment
Integrated evaluation of several projects, including environmental impact assessments and monitoring of assessment procedures by the competent authorities until the issuing of the authorization / environmental license. Main intervention areas:
  • Waterways, harbors, marinas, shipyards, dredging and coastal works;
  • Highways, railroads, bridges, gas / oil pipelines, power lines and other linear infrastructures;
  • Quarries, mines and other industrial areas;
  • Projects in the oil and gas industry, including transport, transfer and storage infrastructures and offshore facilities;
  • Airports and airfields;
  • Infrastructures for the collection and treatment of water, wastewater and waste;
  • Agricultural and agro-forestry enterprises and other rural infrastructures;
  • Tourism developments;
  • Hydraulic infrastructures, including dams;
  • Power plants and other projects of exploitation and harnessing of renewable energy sources.
Environmental diagnosis, monitoring and management
Anticipating changes to the most sensitive areas and proposing preventive and appropriate environmental mitigation measures, Nemus conducts integrated audit studies, diagnosis, monitoring, environmental monitoring and management of the construction and operation of various projects, which include:
  • Environmental characterizations, audits and diagnoses;
  • Comparative studies of project locations;
  • Specialized studies of ecology, terrestrial and aquatic flora and fauna, soil / sediment and water contamination;
  • Environmental supervision and monitoring of construction works;
  • Archaeological studies and monitoring;
  • Monitoring of noise, air quality, water and soil / sediment, ecology and geology;
  • Environmental management of enterprises during the design, construction and utilization phases.
Spatial planning and management
Nemus develops Spatial planning and/or land management studies, plans and projects, such as:
  • Plans for regional and local development, including master development plans, urban development plans, detailed zoning plans and allotment plans;
  • Plans for coastal zone management, among other special spatial plans;
  • Plans for land use;
  • Plans for the management of protected areas;
  • Plans for tourism development and location;
  • Strategic Plans;
  • Spatial planning and regional and local development studies, the latter intended primarily for logistical areas and industrial platforms, service areas and multimodal platforms and urban sustainable development;
  • Evaluation studies of agricultural potential and rural development for the backing of agriculture, rural and recreational tourism projects;
  • Urban projects to support the redevelopment of urban networks and the development of new centers.
Planning and management of water resources
Studies and management plans of water resources and water, including, among others:
  • Regional plans of water management at a provincial and / or district level;
  • Plans for the management of drainage basins;
  • Plans for the spatial planning of reservoirs;
  • Hydrological, hydrodynamic and sedimentary studies;
  • Studies and projects of hydrogeology and groundwater management;
  • Studies for the rehabilitation of watercourses;
  • Studies of the ecologic flow regime of dams and irrigation projects.
Environmental recovery and landscape enhancement
Projects and studies for ecologic and landscape enhancement and environmental rehabilitation, contemplating:
  • Interventions in coastal areas, including stabilization and rebuilding of beaches and dune systems;
  • Redevelopment of estuaries and wetlands (tidal areas, fresh water plane areas and marshlands);
  • Rehabilitation of water lines;
  • Enhancement of rural and agricultural areas;
  • Restoration of degraded areas;
  • Forestation;
  • Landscape requalification;
  • Urban requalification and rehabilitation of degraded urban areas;
  • Requalification and enhancement of terrestrial habitats, recreation and translocation of species and habitats.
Risk analysis and Geology and Geodynamics projects
Designed to support the implementation of preventive measures and reducing the effects of accidents and adverse natural circumstances, Nemus conducts various such studies and projects, including:
  • Assessments of the contamination of soils and sediments;
  • Environmental dredging plans;
  • Geological and geotechnical studies;
  • Assessment of geological risk;
  • Studies and projects for the recovery of contaminated areas, of marine geology and of coastal evolution, examples of which are beach nourishment, shore protection, sediment regime, coastal erosion, the evolution of dune systems, coastal slopes’ stability and risk assessment of oceanic overtopping.
Environmental Modeling
Development and application of mathematical models and environmental simulation software tools, for phenomena such as:
  • Hydrodynamics;
  • Erosion;
  • Sediment transport;
  • Dispersion of pollutants;
  • Interpolation and forecasting of air and water quality;
  • Noise climate.
Engineering and Infrastructures
As a support to the development of engineering and architecture projects, Nemus conducts:
  • Hydrology, hydrogeology, oceanography, hydraulic engineering, water supply and sanitation studies and projects;
  • Studies of social cohesion policies;
  • Studies of territorial development programs as well as municipal and regional spatial plans.
Assessment of programs and public policies
To enable the adjustment to public and territorial administration policies necessary for the optimization of social and economic transformations, Nemus performs:
  • Assessment studies of the implementation of international funds.
Socioeconomic and sustainability studies
Socio-economic and sustainability studies, such as:
  • Social and economic characterization of the territory;
  • Assessment of socio-economic impact and cost-benefit analysis of agricultural holdings, tourist developments, urbanization projects, environmental recovery interventions, among other projects;
  • Multi-criteria analysis;
  • Technical, economic and environmental viability of projects;
  • Studies on social cohesion and inclusion;
  • Opinion studies;
  • Resettlement plans;
  • Market studies;
  • Other specialized studies designed to fit the needs of customers.
Environmental training, communication and image:
  • Strategies for communicating environmental issues in the fields of flora, fauna, habitats, ecological and environmental interactions, archeology, geology, landscaping, among others;
  • Environmental education actions;
  • Design and production of informational content for publication on various media, such as panels, brochures and monographs, databases, websites.
Geographic information systems:
  • Spatial geographic data analysis and collection, involving for example the interpretation of aerial photographs, ortophotomaps and satellite images, manipulation, crossing and integration of spatial information from various sources;
  • Development of spatial data models;
  • Creation and management of geographical databases;
  • Development of web mapping applications and production of thematic cartography;
  • Construction of dedicated geographic information systems.