Nemus was founded in 1997 and quickly established itself as a pioneering company in Portugal in the field of global solutions to the ever-growing developmental needs.

A global consultancy firm, Nemus is active in three continents. Its technical and scientific knowledge, along with its performance excellence and focus on customer service, is what makes the company renowned in these different markets.

Our History

Founded in 1997, Nemus quickly established itself as a pioneering company in Portugal, offering global services as an answer to sustainable development challenges.
While initially focused on environmental management and evaluation, geology and the management and rehabilitation of coastal areas, new demands like sustainability have always pushed us to reach further and achieve more.
In less than two decades we’ve managed to build a solid curriculum which includes studies, design, assessment and execution of different interventions in various areas, such as: environment, strategic environmental planning, management of natural resources, economic and socioeconomic evaluations, public policies, sustainability and communication.
Today we offer consistent integrated and multidisciplinary consultancy services in three key areas: environment, sustainability and public policies and development. Our wide range of clients include public and private institutions in over ten countries in Europe, Africa and South America.

Our Focus

The success of our clients is the central focus of our operational strategy, carried out by a multifaceted team and with the outmost scientific competence.
The high satisfaction rate of our clients has raised Nemus’ status greatly. That is why today we are one of the most respected brands in environmental and sustainability consultancy in Portugal, as well as in all the major portuguese speaking markets.

Our Brand

We respond to our clients’ needs with appropriate solutions based on scientific rigor, technical competence and an integrated approach to every problem.
Ever since day one, promoting sustainable development is what moves us. Empowering Sustainability is our brand.