The National Portuguese Electricity Company (EDP) intends to implement a floating photovoltaic system in the Alqueva reservoir, with an estimated capacity of 10 MW, occupying an area of 10 ha immediately upstream of the dam. The project consists of the following main structural components: solar panels; floating structure; mooring / anchoring; electrical connection to the network.

The main objective of the assignment was to guarantee, by developing the project’s environmental incidence study, that the structures would induce the minimum impacts on the environment.

The project included a characterization of the environment affected by the project (geology and geomorphology, surface water resources, air quality and climate change, sound environment, soils and land use, ecological systems, spatial planning, landscape, cultural heritage and socio-economy); the identification and assessment of environmental incidences for the project construction, exploration and decommissioning phases, for an overall view and leading to a sound decision making by the environmental entities; a proposal of environmental measures to minimize impacts, indicating the most favorable global methods for project implementation and consequent exploration according to environmental and operational criteria; as well as a proposal for Monitoring and Environmental Management and an Environmental Monitoring Plan.