The Setúbal harbour’s importance has been growing steadily, not only because of the new centralities established in the area but also because of its development potential, which grant it a particularly relevant status nationally.

The growing importance led to the planning of the jurisdiction area of the Harbour Administration of Setúbal and Sesimbra, between the Sapec Terminal and the Tanquisado Terminal. The project included the infrastructures for modernization and reconversion of the shipyard activity and the spatial definition for the parking of recreational boats.

The study was performed in partnership with Consulmar and includes a detailed survey of the environmental conditions at the site of the infrastructure’s implementation and its sorroundings, as well as the assessment of its sensibility to the project. The characterization works made it possible to identify the water and sediments quality and the spatial planning as the most critical aspects. In view of the performed assessment, various measures to minimize negative affectations were proposed which fit the project best.