Nemus is an international consultancy operating in the areas of environmental planning, development and public policies, and sustainability. Currently present in Europe, Africa and South America, Nemus relies on a very skilled and talented technical team to provide multidisciplinary and innovative answers to any environmental, economic or social challenge.

Check below for some of our projects that fall into these three key domains: Environment, Progress and Public Policies and Sustainability.



Because of our acknowledged experience in environmental assessment, protection and recovery projects, we are our client’s number one choice for managing the most demanding environmental challenges.


Progress and Public Policies

We assess all the necessary steps required to formulate development policies in different contexts and geographies.



Our knowledge and energy have never been so important. In a world with an ever growing population, where climate changes and the loss of biodiversity are major concerns, we maintain a holistic approach when fixing these imbalances.



Everything we do at Nemus is driven by our will to support our clients, enabling them to effectively manage the economical, social and environmental impacts resulting from their activity. Our success comes from our multidisciplinary approaches, that blend creativity, scientific precision, costumised support and an obsession for quality.


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