Completion of coastal planning and management project in Portugal

The Portuguese Environment Agency selected the consortium led by NEMUS (NEMUS / Consulmar / Hidromod Consortium) to develop the engineering and environmental studies for yet another pilot project for planning and managing the Portuguese coast.

This was the Project for the Detailed Design and Environmental Impact Assessment of the Artificial Beach Nourishment on the Coastal Section South of Figueira da Foz (Cova-Gala – Costa de Lavos). The project was designed to mitigate coastal erosion and improve the stability of the coastline in the region. It also sought to reduce the vulnerability and risk of overtopping and flooding of the beaches in the area south of the mouth of the Mondego river, as well as improving access to the Port of Figueira da Foz.

To achieve these objectives, detailed coastal engineering studies (developed by Consulmar and NEMUS) and long-term transport simulations were undertaken to assess the dynamics of the coastline, as well as simulations of initial sediment transport trends and response to storm events in order to understand the dynamics of transport processes (developed by Hidromod). Another important task was the cost-benefit analysis of seven alternative scenarios, carried out by NEMUS, to assess the economic and environmental impact of the different proposed approaches.

The Environmental Impact Statement in favour of the project (August 2023) marked an important step in the search for bold solutions to tackle the environmental and climate challenges affecting the Portuguese coast. This experimental project highlights the importance of collaboration between experts from different fields to develop sustainable solutions for protecting Portugal’s coastline in a context of climate change.