Development of the coastline of South Maputo in discussion

Life on the coastline of South Maputo will never be the same. That is the promise implicit in the set of investments planned for the region, coordinated by Maputo Sul, E.P..

The Project “Maputo/Ka Tembe/Ponta do Ouro” intends to build 187 km of road, linking Maputo to the Province Kwazulu-Natal in South Africa. The work includes the construction of a bridge Maputo – Ka Tembe and the urban expansion of the capital to the south bank of the Espírito Santo estuary.

NEMUS, together with the group BETAR and the Mozambican company BETA (participated by the group BETAR) is preparing the Regional Development Plan for Ka Tembe – Ponta do Ouro, a study that focuses on an area of about 4.250 km2 and proposes a strategy for sustainable development of the territory, providing a framework for projects to come.

NEMUS is also involved in the Hydrodynamics and Vulnerability Assessment of the Maputo Bay, a technical study whose methodology will characterize, simultaneously, the large-scale ocean circulation off the Bay and the small-scale processes, including river flows that flock to the area of study. The study results will be essential to minimize risks in the urban expansion of Maputo, with the construction of the new bridge.

The collaboration between NEMUS, the groupBETAR and the Mozambican company BETA also includes the development of Environmental Impact Studies for road and urban projects.