Ecology course for the Brazilian petrochemical company Braskem

The Ecology course which Nemus organized for the Brazilian petrochemical company Braskem took place between the 6th and 10th October. The training consisted of theoretical, practical and evaluation modules, as requested to Nemus by the department of health, safety and environment of this very large Brazilian chemical company, following an accident with a freighter in the Aratú Bay in December 2013, which jeopardized important existing natural areas in this industrial port area.

The starting point being Braskem’s goal to empower their technicians who have very distinct educational backgrounds (legal, chemical, biological, health sectors, among others), Nemus devised a five day training centered on three main themes 1) Physical framework and coastal dynamics, 2) Ecology and 3) Risk management and legal framework.

Of a total of 16 thematic modules, the trainees highlighted the importance of the practical module for the discussion of the case study and the usefulness of the technical visit to all the relevant locations on the Aratú Bay aboard a small vessel during the last morning of the course. Both modules allowed for the integration and practical use of the information transmitted during the training sessions.

The degree of knowledge of the specific subjects, the professionalism and friendliness were some of the features emphasized by the trainees regarding the group of six trainers, some Portuguese and others Brazilians living in Salvador, including a guest of Nemus’ Brazilian business partner – V&S Ambiental – who has been collaborating in various projects. Nemus trainers who participated in this training course – some of them with relevant experience as trainers on an international level – are experts in the various addressed areas: ecology, geology, coastal dynamics, environmental risk, among others.