Engineer Silveira Ramos wins 2009 Engineering SECIL Award

The 2009 Engineering SECIL Award was offered to Engineer Fernando Silveira Ramos, NEMUS’s managing partner.
The award, undertaken in collaboration with the Portuguese professional bodie, the Ordem dos Engenheiros, refers to the Project of Northern River Douro Mouth, in wich NEMUS participated as member of the team directed by Engineer Silveira Ramos. NEMUS made (with PROCESL) the Environmental Impact Assessment of the Douro Jetties during the project.
Later, in the construction phase, NEMUS was responsible for the Environmental Monitoring Programme of River Douro Mouth’s Accessibility and Safety Improvements, having established a scheme of systematic observations between Leixões harbour and Spain.
The price was offered on May 25, 2010 and the President of the Portuguese Republic was in the Award Ceremony.