National Prize of Landscape Architecture awarded to NEMUS workers

NEMUS’ team, led by its General Director, Dr. Pedro Bettencourt, and six co-workers (Elisabete Teixeira, Sónia Alcobia, Emanuel Viçoso, Sara Nisa, Margarida Monteiro, Rui Mendes) has won, jointly with the team of Architects from ‘ARPAS, Arquitectos Paisagistas Associados, Lda.’ and Eng. Francisco Salpico, the 1st National Prize of Landscape Architecture 7th Edition 2011 – Category Constructions, Sub Category Infrastructure Integration for the Detailed Design of Rehabilitation of S. Martinho do Porto Bay and Óbidos Lagoon. The prize was awarded to the consortium CONSULMAR / NEMUS.

The National Prize of Landscape Architecture distinguishes, every year, the talent and excellence of works and projects of Landscape Architecture from Portuguese authors, made in Portugal or abroad in the previous 5 years. This year, the prize was handed in a ceremony that was part of the 7th UrbaVerde (Sustainable Cities Fair), that happened in Estoril Congress Centre between the 23rd and 25th of February.

The objective of this Detailed Design was to implement a set of operational projects to guarantee the biophysical and landscape rehabilitation of the S. Martinho do Porto Bay and Óbidos Lagoon. The works that were made in these sites were an important contribution to help balance the different land uses and counteract the tendency of environmental degradation that was taking place.

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