Nemus’ colours are the colours of 2021, according to Pantone

Pantone, the international renowned company for colours, has declared that the official colours for 2021 are: Ultimate Gray 17-5104 and a yellow called Illuminating 13-0647.

Since Molière died in stage wearing yellow, this colour has been associated with bad luck, and very few companies or entities choose it as their institutional colour, preferring less bold ones, like blue, which is the classic colour for ties, communicating serenity, permanence, patience.

In 2013, after 16 years in the market, Nemus decided to change its image for the third time: the old website was replaced by this one, the whole stationary was redesigned and the logo was also slightly changed (for the second time). Being a company firmly placed in the market, Nemus decided to be daring and, in an almost visionary moment, chose these colours as its institutional colours. Grey speaks strength, endurance and rock solidity, while yellow is joy, potential and gratitude. Pantone has decided that this combination is the right one for 2021 because «it expresses a message of positivity supported by fortitude. Practical and rock solid but at the same time warming and optimistic».

Inspired by its colours, Nemus wishes everyone a solid 2021, full of new possibilities and a lot of energy!