Nemus at the 12th Water Congress

Nemus attended the 12th Water Congress (Lisbon, March 2014) where it was represented by its CEO, Dr. Pedro Bettencourt, who was invited by the organization to participate in a round table about “Water resources: what future do we want?”, to comment on the theme.

The theme of the congress – “What future do we want?” – brought together, during 4 days, entities and individuals that take part in the management of the water resources on a national and international level, who took this opportunity to discuss and reflect about this matter.

Nemus’ experience in planning the management of water resources is acknowledged throughout the whole country, which led to this invitation, personally directed to Dr. Pedro Bettencourt, asking him to share his view on this matter, in which he has been working on for over three decades.

Dr. Pedro Bettencourt has recently (2012-2013) held the office of vice-presidency of the Water Resources Portuguese Association and he has also coordinated over 500 studies and projects in three continents, about water planning, water management and environmental sustainability, among others.