Co-organization of a training course as part of the Ecological Zoning Plan of Maputo

Between the 26th of November and the 7th of December 7 2012 took place the first part of the training course for implementation of the Management Plan for the sensitive areas of the Municipality of Maputo, having as trainers, technicians of Nemus and Beta.

This course falls under the Ecological Zoning Plan of Maputo, work that is being done in partnership by both companies and aims to (1) broaden the horizons of technical and scientific knowledge on the area of the municipality of Maputo; (2) consolidate knowledge about existing ecosystems in the municipality of Maputo and to recognize those of greater ecological sensitivity and relevance; and (3) know the rules and procedures to optimize ecosystems and habitats management.

The course includes both theoretical and practical modules, field work and also skill assessment modules and counts with the participation of technicians of the Local Government (CMM) of the seven districts of the Municipality.