Nemus’ excellence acknowledged once again

On the 26th of January Nemus was once more awarded the PME Excellence Status 2014 by the Agency for Competitiveness and Innovation (IAPMEI).

This award is given to small and medium-sized enterprises that present the best economic and financial performance and management in the previous financial year. The designated companies have ratios of financial strength and profitability above the national average, have managed to maintain high competitive standards in a particularly demanding context and are overcoming the current financial crisis with growth, consolidation of results, and active contributions in wealth creation and employment in the regions where they operate.

The PME Excellence Status was created by IAPMEI in order to identify the merit of small and medium-sized enterprises with superior performance profiles through an instrument of reputation. This status is awarded annually by the IAPMEI, in partnership with Turismo de Portugal and the major banks operating in Portugal: Banco BPI, Banco Popular, Barclays, Caixa Geral de Depósitos, Crédito Agrícola, Millenniumbcp, Montepio, Novo Banco and Santander Totta.

The selection for the SME Excellence Status is made from the SME Leader pool of companies; these are companies with exceptionally good risk profiles that are recognized as important drivers for the development of the economy and employment in the country. The companies that have been regularly receiving this award are becoming known as being part of a high standard group, where all the members stand out each year for having the best results.