Nemus’ new image

Nemus began 2014 with a bold goal: renew the corporate image of the company that has been producing studies for over 15 years, but that is still dynamic, daring, and each day more multidisciplinary and international.

Nemus’ constant preoccupation with the comfort and satisfaction of every worker was one of the driving forces of this change. So, hand in hand with the renewal of its image, Nemus has remodelled its main office (Lisbon headquarters), that now shows a clearer and cleaner look, the working spaces being more practical but at the same time more cosy and welcoming.

This image update has gone through several stages, culminating with the creation of a new website – totally adapted for all the new mobile devices – and a completely renovated stationary.

With this rejuvenation, Nemus intends to demonstrate its commitment to the future. This positive attitude, a characteristic of the company, proves that even in times of crisis their commitment and determination prevails and that the will to do more and even better work remains the most important goal.