Nemus’ new project in Latin America: Hydrogeological Modelling of the Costa Rican Central Valley

Last February in San José, Nemus signed a new contract with SENARA, the institute which regulates the exploitation of groundwater in Costa Rica. It refers to a project to optimize groundwater exploitation in the Central Valley area of Costa Rica, through advanced geological and hydrogeological analysis techniques, including numerical modelling.

The first major project developed by Nemus in Costa Rica will comprise an initial hydrogeological model concept phase to better understand how the aquifers in the Central Valley region work, in an area with 451.61 km2. The region is home to nearly three-quarters of the Costa Rican population and includes the capital, and at the same time, the most populous city, San José.

The model will help to develop tools to improve the exploitation of aquifers, taking into account their protection and the sustainable production of groundwater throughout the Central Valley region. The study aims to determine sustainable water production limits, by establishing different consumption patterns, according to various scenarios of land use changes and including climate change effects.