NEMUS takes part in the 11th Water Congress

NEMUS has taken part in the 11th Water Congress, with the motto “Valuing water in a context of uncertainty ‘, held in Porto, between the 5th and 8th of February.

In this event, which brought together experts and stakeholders on water resources, NEMUS has participated in 8 communications: 7 dedicated to the theme of ‘Planning and Management of Water Resources” and one on “Water Quality and Ecosystems”.

NEMUS experience on the elaboration of the recent River Basin Management Plans (RBMP) of Alentejo and Algarve motivated most of these communications, which addressed issues as diverse as: policies for water management and biodiversity, critical aspects of the diagnostic process of water bodies, the economic analysis of water uses by urban systems and the formulation of prospective scenarios and cost-effectiveness analysis of environmental measures. NEMUS’s participation in developing the National Water Plan 2010 has also motivated a communication devoted to the topic.

NEMUS was represented in the 11th Water Congress by its General Director, Dr. Pedro Bettencourt and by: Dr. Ana Raquel Agra (biologist), Eng. Maria Grade (environmental engineer), Dr. Pedro Afonso Fernandes (economist) and Eng. Nuno Charneca (biophysical engineer).