Non-Technical Summary by Nemus nominated for “Best 2016”

Nemus’ Non-Technical Summary (NTS) of the Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) of the “Jerónimo Martins Industrial Milk Unit” is one of five candidates to the “Best NTS award” 2016, granted by the Portuguese Association of Impact Assessment.

NTS is the golden document for the public participation phase: while it contains a summary of all the EIA content, it is written in a simple language and normally depicts clear schemes, images and maps. Its main goal is to actually serve the public participation phase, when anyone interested is welcome to contribute, share thoughts and opinions and give inputs.

This award was created by the Portuguese Association of Impact Assessment to acknowledge the importance of the public participation process, to encourage the active participation of the public and to support those companies who actually seek to do better in what comes to involving the public, by producing clear and innovative NTS.

Nemus is now awaiting the jury’s final decision. The award will be presented in a public ceremony in November 2016.