Nemus presents new Biology works in Alqueva

Nemus was invited by EDIA – the entity responsible for the Alqueva dam, the largest artificial lake in Europe – to present its most recent study on this area, which has a high international relevance on an environmental, agricultural and economical level.

Nemus’ study “Management Plan of invasive species”, which has integrated the list of selected presentations for the conference “Biology studies in the Alqueva area” has looked at 30 invasive species of animals and plants, which represent different ecological types that already occur or might enter this region in a near future.

The Alqueva multi-purpose enterprise is a complex network that includes storage and transport infrastructures and electric power generation. It assures the supply of water to a 10.000 km2 region with a high agricultural aptitude. The entrance of invasive species might threaten the sustainability of the whole system, and hence Nemus was requested to prepare a management plan of invasive species.

Since Nemus has already participated in dozens of studies concerning this important geographical area, the company’s knowledge of this territory is widely recognised by partners and diverse entities. Nemus was represented in the conference by its CEO Dr. Pedro Bettencourt and the technical coordinator of the study, biologist Dr. Sara de Sousa.