Renewable energy leading the way

In its annual market report, the International Energy Agency (IEA) announced that over the next four years renewable energies will represent the largest single source of electricity growth. This is largely due to declining generation costs and an aggressive expansion in emerging economies.

The report highlights the promise of renewable energy as an accessible way of mitigating climate change and providing better energy security. On the other hand, it advises governments to reduce political uncertainties which hamper further deployment of this type of production.

The IEA anticipates that the share of renewable energy in global power generation will surpass 26% by 2020, which represents a remarkable change in a very limited time period, particularly when taking into account that the amount reported for 2013 was only 22%. This new addition over the next four years is expected to exceed 700 GW of electricity production. The report also indicates that there is a geographic deployment trend which is increasingly associated with emerging economies and developing countries. These are expected to represent two-thirds of the renewable electricity expansion by 2020.

In a world of increasing urbanization and development, the need for sustainable energy sources becomes increasingly important, particularly in emerging countries and regions. Through various projects in the energy and sustainability areas, Nemus has been stressing the importance of renewable energies and encouraging its growth. Some examples of Nemus’ projects involving renewable energies can be found in the Sustainability key domain.

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