Workshops for the Plan for Ecological-Economic Zoning of the São Francisco River Basin

As part of the development of the Ecological Economic Macrozoning Plan for the São Francisco Basin (MacroZEE) in Brazil, NEMUS organized a series of 7 thematic workshops in the country’s Capital, Brasília.

The workshops were held from 13 to 22 of September at the Ministry of Environment and included a discussion of the results already achieved in different forums and segments, specifically in the areas of infrastructures and logistic modalities; industry and mining; energy matrix; physical-cultural patrimony; urban expansion and sanitation; agriculture, livestock and forestry; and environmental preservation and conservation.

60 institutions and stakeholders from all the physiographic regions of the basin were represented in the workshops, which were attended by representatives of the National Water Agency (ANA), the Brazilian Institute of Geography and Statistics (IBGE), the São Francisco Basin Committee, the Ministry of Transports, Ports and Civil Aviation, the Ministry of Defence, among other state and sectorial representatives, and institutions of civil society.

The occurrence of these workshops allowed for the involvement of the various stakeholders and strategic institutions in the MacroZEE project, with the main objectives of obtaining a critical validation of the achieved results and promoting an enriching discussion for the project, particularly on issues related to land planning and management, natural resources management and nature and biodiversity conservation.

By clicking the following link you can also check the news published on the website for the Ministry of Environment about the workshops (Portuguese only):  link