Approval of the Port Waste Reception and Handling Plan for Madeira Ports

In late December, Madeira Port Authority (APRAM) approved the Port Waste Reception and Handling Plan for Madeira Ports, developed byNEMUS under Decree-Law N.º 165/2003, of July 24 (and subsequent amendments).

The plan covers all ports of Madeira under management of APRAM, including Commercial and Passenger Ports (Funchal, Caniçal and Porto Santo) and Small Ports (Câmara de Lobos, Ribeira Brava, Ponta do Sol, Madalena do Mar, Paul do Mar, Costa Norte-Porto Moniz, Seixal, Porto da Cruz and Porto Novo).

As a first step, the waste usually produced in the various ports and delivered by ships was typified; the current waste reception and handling facilities and methods were also characterized at this stage. Subsequently, new port waste reception and handling amenities were proposed, to suit the needs identified.

The Plan also establishes mechanisms for monitoring waste management in ports, as well as forms for the registration of the stages of this process. Finally, a set of media and actions for the dissemination of the Plan were outlined, in order to promote access to information by port users (workers, visitors, and so on) and also to encourage reporting of deficiencies in waste reception facilities.