NEMUS takes part in the discussion about the integrated development of the coastline of South Maputo

On the 25th of November, NEMUS participated in the technical meeting about the Special Development Plan of Ka Tembe, promoted by Maputo Sul, E.P., to which several Mozambican entities were invited. Delegates and representatives of the Municipal Council of Maputo City, Government of the Province of Maputo and of other organisms related to Mozambican ministries attended this meeting that took place in the Afrin Prestige Hotel.

NEMUS, which has been working with Maputo Sul, E.P., in the scope of its collaboration with the group BETAR and with BETA (a mozambican company participated by the group BETAR), providing environmental consultancy services, was represented by its General Director, Dr. Pedro Bettencourt, who presented the conclusions of the 1st phase of the Regional Development Plan for Ka Tembe – Ponta do Ouro; this plan provides a framework for the many projects intended for the region and includes specific proposals to take action in several thematic and geographical areas in order to guarantee an organized and sustainable development.

The preliminary results of the Hydrodynamics and Vulnerability Assessment of the Maputo Bay were also presented by Dr. Pedro Bettencourt. The model developed by the team led by NEMUS made it possible to simulate the floods that occurred in 2000 – allowing to determine that there was a rise of 1,5m in the water level in the Espírito Santo estuary in that year – and to plot the areas that are vulnerable to flooding. The results of this study are essential to minimize the risks associated with the predicted urban expansion of Maputo.