NEMUS presents the EIA of the Project of the new bridge over the Zambezi river in Tete, Mozambique

NEMUS, together with the Mozambican companyBETA (a company participated by the BETARgroup) has recently finished the Environmental Impact Assessment of the new bridge over the Zambezi River between the town and the town of Tete Benga in Mozambique, whose Public Consultation took place on November 23 in the city of Tete, Tete Province.

The project of the new bridge in Tete will be developed under a concession regime and it includes, in addition to the connection between Tete and Benga, two accesses to the bridge and the connection to the existing roadways. Altogether, the plan extends over 15 kilometers. The decision to build this new bridge over the Zambezi river arose from the need to reduce the traffic on the existing Samora Machel bridge.

The study presented by NEMUS and BETA has come to the conclusion that this project has a very important potential to create job opportunities, which are very important in this region of Northern Mozambique. On the other hand, this new bridge will help decrease the traffic on the Samora Machel bridge, thus enhancing road safety and reducing the existing noise and atmospheric pollution. The negative effects are limited and can be mitigated.

This study marks the entry of NEMUS in the emerging market of Mozambique. For 2012 new studies are planned in the region, in collaboration with BETA.