Out of Office: Auto Reply nr.1

The new section of cultural suggestions by Nemus’ team. We asked two colleagues for some ideas and ended up with a handful of them.

“Regarding the international museums day (18 May) and the long night of museums (16 May), there will be some very interesting initiatives for free in museums throughout the country, where one will have the opportunity to see not only the regular exhibitions but also some exclusive art works or experiences.
Go out and visit in Lisbon the several monuments related to the Water Museum, go watch and listen to the Cante Alentejano in the Music Museum or get to know the Josefa de Óbidos exhibition in the Museu Nacional de Arte Antiga. Some initiatives need to be pre-booked so I advise you to check here first. Have a nice visit!”

Suggestion by Gisela Sousa (Biologist).
Known by her colleagues for her attention to details and with a keen sense of humour, Gisela works at Nemus since 2007. Although specialized in ichthyofauna she participates in many different projects and works. Out of the office Gisela is always on to something and is glad to share her weekend plans with the rest of the team.


“This weekend I suggest a visit to the jardim das amoreiras (amoreiras garden) to watch another concert of «companhia de telecomunicações cujo nome não vou citar»-Out Jazz. And since you are in the neighbourhood walk to the mãe d’água, always so beautiful! (here ) Don’t miss it tomorrow, in one of the cosiest gardens in Lisbon: out-jazz.”

Suggestion by Júlia Mendes (Landscape Architect)
Determined and pragmatic, Júlia is part of the company’s art lovers group. Responsible and proactive, she is always involved in several projects and has very diverse interests. Some of her colleagues even say that Júlia’s day is over 24 hours-long.