Out of Office Auto Reply nr.2

The most recent cultural suggestions by Nemus’ team has some new ideas to share. Read this week’s texts and see what two of the team’s biologists suggest.

“And how about getting to know some Portuguese-speaking countries without leaving Lisbon? The Lisbon Portuguese-speaking Festival (Festival da Lusofonia de Lisboa) will feature the Gastronomy, Art, Music, Dance and Literature of Portuguese-speaking countries in various locations in Lisbon from the 20th to the 25th of May. Six unique days unsparing in initiatives! You can find the complete program here. Quick, it has already started!”

Suggestion by Gisela Sousa (Biologist).

Gisela works at Nemus since 2007 and has since participated in several international projects in Portuguese-speaking countries: Mozambique, São Tomé, Brazil and Angola are already part of her list. Maybe that is why she could not resist sending us this suggestion. And we could not resist posting it.


“For this weekend’s agenda, I suggest a trip to the past, about illustration and natural sciences. Saturday, at 3 p.m., follow the guided tour by the biologist Ireneia Melo and the illustrator Lucia Antunes, to the exhibition “Francisco Arruda Furtado: disciple of Darwin” in the National Museum of Natural History and Sciences in Lisbon. Don’t forget to book in advance. More information here.

An attractive indoor or outdoor alternative, with no fixed date was made possible by the publication of “The Sixth Extinction – An Unnatural History”, written by Elizabeth Kolbert and published by Henry Holt and Company, LLC. The book was recently awarded the 2015 Pulitzer Prize in the general nonfiction category. A book about our common future, it focuses on the natural and human history, from the deep oceans to the Andes, revisiting missing species as well as endangered species. An analysis of extinction as a concept, since it was first described by Georges Cuvier in revolutionary Paris of the XVIIIth century to the present day.”

Suggestion by Susana Rosa (Technical Advisor to the Board / Biologist).

With a Degree in Biology applied to animal resources and a PhD in Ecology, Susana gives support to the overall coordination of projects carried out by Nemus and to the customer relations management. Always aware of what is happening all around us and with her pockets full of suggestions, not a week goes by without Susana contributing to the cultural agenda of her colleagues.