Out of Office Auto Reply nr.7

On Halloween’s eve, Nemus’ team brings many different ideas for everyone.


“The photo exhibition Post Code: A2053N has finally arrived in Lisbon! The press photographer Pepe Brix went aboard a Portuguese cod fish vessel and photographed these fishermen lives in the north Atlantic. The work in exhibition has received many good reviews and was featured in National Geographic. “Where is it?” In Mercado da Ribeira. “The challenge?” Disclose the meaning of the exhibition’s name!”

Suggested by Gisela Sousa (Biologist)

Gisela’s calendar is larger than the actual 365-days year and is always full. We are always anxious to hear about Nemus’ most long-lasting biologist who detains the absolute record of field work hours. Either walking through the Tua valley, wandering through the southern river beds or aboard a vessel in the sea, Gisela’s CV includes assessments all over the world: from Portugal to Brazil, from Malawi to São Tomé.


“Regarding the International Day for the Eradication of Poverty 2015 (October, 17), I might suggest the participation in the 5th International Solidarity Run/walk of Helpo that will occur in 6 places simultaneously: in Oeiras and Vila Real (Portugal), in São Tome, and also in Nampula, Pemba and Mozambique Island (Mozambique). Saturday, 31 October, at 10h. This running event is promoted by Helpo, an NGO that promotes social and sustainable development. Who else wants to say “I helpo”?”

Suggested by Maria Grade (Project Manager / Environmental Engineer)

Maria’s sweet voice matches her personality: calm, balanced and methodical, she always manages to find a harmonized approach to every problem. By listening to her one would never guess her inner strength and energy. And she applies a double dose of both to each new challenge that Nemus presents to her! From River Basin Management Plans to Environmental Impact Assessments and technical studies involving water engineer, Maria’s CV is a gold card in the team.


“This Saturday Lisbon hosts another edition of the famous Ted Talks: TEDxLisboa, where several speakers present their ideas on stage, in less than 18 minutes. From specialists in land politics to designers, and also including dancers and investigators in neurosciences, there are all sorts of speakers. The theme “an elephant in the room” is promising… The event will occur in the Aula Magna and is definitely not to be missed. More about this in here.”

Suggested by Ana Otília Dias (Economist, coordinator of the Administrative and Financial matters)

Ana is an economist but her duties at Nemus are wider and have long overcome her university qualifications: she replaces the CEO during his absences, and also supports the coordination of assessments, studies and the application of proposals, while attending external requests and answering the team’s needs – whose demands match the team’s expertise and energy. Ana is a strong believer in Nemus’ quality and capacities and she is always the last to give up. Unless a gecko enters the room…