Out of Office Auto Reply nr.6

This weekend the clocks in Portugal will go back one hour to UTC0. The sunset will be earlier from Sunday on, but this will be a full 49 hours weekend to have a nice rest… or to be filled with these great suggestions from two of our colleagues.


“Starting this weekend and until the 8th of November, Amadora will host the 26th Amadora Cartoon Festival, one of the most important international events of the so called ninth art. For the first-time visitors or for the habitués, it is definitely an event worth going to.

More about this event in http://www.amadorabd.com/

Suggested by Sónia Alcobia (Project Manager / Geologist)

Sónia is the senior geologist in the team: she’s fully combed out many of the Portuguese costal cliffs and, as Nemus went from a national to an international company, Sónia also took the flights and landed in Mozambique and Brazil where she put her know-how to use in very important projects, that are still today in Nemus’ portfolio front-page. Besides being an excellent geologist, Sónia is also an ambassador of Amadora’s initiatives and she wouldn’t miss this one.


“Lisbon Restaurant Week has officially started on October, 22. With a little over 70 restaurants available, don’t miss this opportunity to have a nice dinner while also supporting two noteworthy Portuguese organizations: Acreditar and Operação Nariz Vermelho (Red nose operarion).

Also on the same day, the internationally known Doclisboa kick-started another great edition. Over 200 films will be exhibited in eight different places in Lisbon, with sections dedicated to Greece, to Portuguese films, and many other themes.

So now you know: in the next two weeks, a lovely dinner and a good film await you.”


Suggested by Diogo Maia (Economist)

Diogo is our numbers and maths colleague. He is an excellent talker and one can easily detect his northern roots by his accent… and also by the typical northern gaiety. This economist, specialized in Environment Management embraces every new challenge with such an enthusiasm and positivism that it contaminates the whole team. That’s how he recently accepted a 3 months “mission” in Mozambique that was a success, not only for him but also for Nemus and the entire team.