The allotment operation study for the installation of a tourist resort in the Vale dos Reis Homestead constituted a decision support tool about the environmental feasibility of the project. At issue was the development of a tourist area with more than 400 hectares integrated in an extensive forest plot of land, including the installation of two tourist complexes (one with an 18 hole Golf Course and another with an Equestrian Center) and three tourist villas with a minimum 4-star category.

The study considered that the project constituted a relevant opportunity for local development, identifying positive impacts on heritage, ecology and landscape, spatial planning and socioeconomics and a potential negative effect limited by the application of the proposed measures.

Since 1998 Nemus has carried out more than 70 projects on tourist resorts, including environmental assessments, geological-geotechnical studies, noise maps, projects for requalification, signaling, treatment of cliffs and sediment characterizations as well as technical advice, particularly in the context of geology and heritage.