Nemus has produced a variety of studies for Douro’s delegation of the Port and Sea Transports Institute to evaluate environmental implications, monitoring and auditing of the aggregate extraction in the DouroRiver.

In 2003 Nemus studied the section between Entre-os-Rios and Carrapatelo’s dam, performing the physico-chemical characterization of aggregates and the assessment of environmental incidences from dredging, transporting, operating shipyards and sandpits and their impact on air quality, noise, ecology, water and aggregate’s quality.

In 2004, similar analysis were performed in 7 lots for extracting aggregates between Pé de Moura and Lomba, and in 2005 a plan for the environmental and activity monitoring of the same river sector was developed. The plan was based on recommended measures advocated in the study in conjunction with the Commission for the Coordination and Regional Development of North Portugal. This partnership lasted until 2009, with Nemus providing technical support to the Port and Sea Transports Institute and conducting an audit.

The environmental monitoring plan for the extraction of aggregates in the DouroRiver resulted in a guiding document for the various actions being performed in the sandpits, in regard to their environmental impact. The plan’s purpose is to ensure the compliance with the environmental laws, the appropriate development of the extracting activity and the prevention and response to emergency situations.