Alcochete has a very high environmental status due to the fact that, as the headquarters for the Tejo’s Estuary Natural Reserve, it shelters an exceptional variety of Fauna and Flora in Portugal’s biggest wetlands and one of Europe’s most important. This grants the study performed by Nemus a particular relevance, from which resulted the delineation of various classes of National Ecological Reserve (NER) in Alcochete’s municipality.

Nemus’ intervention includes the zoning of different risk areas in Alcochete, such as areas with slope instability, high risk of water erosion of the soil, strategic aquifer recharge and protection areas and possible flood areas.

The delineation of the strategic aquifer recharge and protection areas included a regional hydrogeological framework and the characterization of underground water resources. Following the national strategic guidelines and the proper legislation, a specific method was used for this particular class of NER and then the susceptibility rate resulting from a set of hydrogeological parameters was applied.

The technical expertise and profound knowledge of our team has been a determining factor in Nemus’ résumé, which includes a vast array of similar studies in Portugal, Mozambique and Brazil for various consultants and entities responsible for urban management.