Nemus led the consortiums responsible for the development of the river basin management plan of south Portugal and the Madeira archipelago.

These water planning instruments are aimed to assist in the environmental, social and economic management, protection and enhancement of the river basins from the Sado, Mira and Guadiana rivers and Algarve’s and Madeira’s streams. Their development stems from the Water Framework Directive, which advocates the good conditions of the water bodies through a protection and management integrated approach that promotes the engagement of the population in the various stages of the waters’ planning cycle.

Nemus’ work included the characterization and diagnose of underground and superficial water masses, the economic assessment of water usage, the formulation of prospective scenarios, the establishment of environmental objectives per water mass, the proposal of a program of measures with the respective cost-efficiency analysis and the development of promotional systems, accompaniment and assessment of the execution of the plans supported by indicators’ systems, Web GIS applications and geographic data bases.