Most of these plans are related to the south of Portugal where water shortage and extensive agriculture pose important challenges to spatial planning and to the protection of natural resources. The first of these plans was carried out in 2001 in partnership with the consortium of FBO/Chiron for the reservoirs of Alqueva and Pedrógão. After that plan soon followed the plans for Enxoé in 2005, Odelouca in 2007, Odeleite in 2010 and the most recent one, commissioned by EDP, taking place since 2013 in Foz do Tua.

The development of these special spatial plans is determined by the proper legislation which advocates the establishment of natural resources’ safeguard regimes, with special emphasis on water resources, to allow for the management of the reservoir and its sorrounding and ensure the articulation between the various entities in the area.

Nemus’ work includes the surveying of the situation, the base studies, the pre-proposal of the spatial plan, the plan’s project with the spatial plan’s proposal, the zoning definition, the regulation, the execution and financing program, the water quality monitoring program and finally conducting the public discussion process.