The objective of the project by the consortium of Nemus, COBA and Agro Ges was to review, update and support the technical, environmental and economic-financial aspects of Odelouca’s enterprise. The registered evolution since the initial plan of the 1970’s was also considered. The project was performed under close supervision by the final recipient of the study, the European Investment Bank, in the context of the financing negotiation for the construction of the dam.

The environmental analysis performed allowed for the definition and execution of a vast set of minimization and compensation measures in order to guarantee the conservation of present environmental values. This process also led to the creation of various cooperation agreements between the Portuguese and Spanish governments in the context of the Iberian Lynx recuperation program.

Nemus followed closely from the beginning the construction of this dam which is of the outmost importance for the management of water resources in Algarve. Some of the work done includes the assessment of potential morphological, hydrodynamic and ecology changes of the estuary system of Arade/Odelouca and the development of the spatial plan of the Bayou and the base program of compensatory measures.