The Cumulative Impact Assessment Project aims to meet the licensing constraints of the “Production Activity and Outflow of Petroleum and Natural Gas from the Santos Basin Pre-Salt Pole – Stage 1 and Stage 2”.

The objective is to carry out an integrated analysis of the impacts of the main stressors (human actions and activities, natural, environmental and social events, independent of the origin / responsible / typology of the activity) over environmental and social factors selected over time in the area of influence of the Petrobras Pre-Salt projects in the Santos Basin, identifying the accumulation and synergistic interaction between them.

The work includes seven stages of development in each of the four pre-defined regions (Metropolitan Region of Santos Bay, Litoral Norte-SP, Litoral Sul Fluminense-RJ, Guanabara Bay and Maricá-RJ), covering a total of 26 municipalities of the States of São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro:

  • Phase 1 – Planning;
  • Phase 2 – Scope;
  • Phase 3 – Data collection;
  • Phase 4 – Evaluation of cumulative impacts;
  • Phase 5 – Assessment of the carrying capacity and the significance of the expected cumulative impacts;
  • Phase 6 – Analysis of results and georeferenced database; and
  • Phase 7 – Presentation of the final results.

These stages will result in 19 products for each of the regions, including the involvement of key actors and population, through various workshops and meetings for presentation of the project.