The work performed in partnership with Consulmar, is part of the environmental component of the Detailed Zoning Plan of the bulk liquid terminal of Aveiro’s harbour and concerns the definition of the occupation scenarios and the development of the plans of emergency and monitoring.

After the initial diagnosis of the environmental values present in the future influence areas of the bulk liquid terminal of Aveiro’s harbour, the study analyzed the various possibilities for environmental integration and naturalization of settling basins, rainwater drainage channel and the washing channel for sands extracted by the authorized supplier to be installed on the far south/west part of the bulk liquid terminal. Natural vegetation was installed along the embankments and ramparts of the hydraulic structures to promote their ecological and landscaping functions and to contribute to the mitigation of the area.

Given the integration in an area of high sensitivity and natural value as the Ria de Aveiro, the proposed solution is of even greater interest considering, from an environmental point of view, that it constitutes an excellent opportunity to harmonize the terminal area with its natural surroundings.