Developed for the University of Coimbra (Portugal), the project consisted in a cost-benefit analysis of the adaptation measures proposed under the Intermunicipal Plan for Adaptation to Climate Change (PIAAC) of the Intermunicipal Community of the Region of Coimbra (CIM-RC). The PIAAC of the region of Coimbra contemplates the assessment of vulnerabilities to current and future climate change issues in this region, as well as the identification, definition and characterization of options and adaptation measures to these changes, and the prioritization of these options and measures specifically for the CIM-RC.

In the scope of NEMUS’ work, the measures and actions of each thematic area (agriculture, food, forests, natural areas and biodiversity, water resources, estuaries and coastal zones, energy, tourism, health and transversal actions) were evaluated, taking into account priority and effectiveness criteria. A number of operational funds and programs that could be used to finance the measures identified in the submitted document were also identified, as well as detailed adaptation actions related to the financial needs and funding possibilities.