This project is comprised of an integrated study of the circulation and high vulnerability areas in Maputo’s bay and the south shore of Espírito Santo’s estuary. Collaborating with the Betar Group and Hidromod, it was possible to do a detailed analysis of this unprotected area, very sensitive to climate change.

The study identified the current situation in various climate aspects, geology and geomorphology, hydrology and oceanography, including severe storm phenomena and rising of sea level. A simulation in mathematical modelling of the main intervening processes on the estuary and the bay’s hydrodynamics was performed, as well as for the assessment of vulnerable areas along the shore of the estuary and the bay associated with hydrodynamic and coastal dynamic phenomena.

This study took place at the same time as the regional development plan of KaTembe – Ponta de Ouro. The client contacted the consortium again for the impact assessment studies and economic analysis of the Master Plan for the Urbanization of the KaTembe Municipal District and its respective partial plans.