The Alentejo coast in Portugal unfolds in the north south direction along various kilometers of rocky cliffs exposed to sea. The dynamics of this coastal strip implies the occurrence of changes at the rocky front, which presents a big risk, particularly when considering the amount of beaches located at the base of these cliffs.

Nemus analyzed a coastal strip of about 40 km in length (between Porto Covo and Carvalhal’s beach) and identified the main risk areas of cliffed coast instability. The geological surveys executed helped to identify instability factors and to perform a coastal strip zoning according to risk of falling blocks, landslides and other types of mass movements.

Conducting various projects on evaluation and treatment of coastal cliffs, as well as geotechnical investigation campaigns for a variety of public and private entities, Nemus has been performing an extensive amount of work in this field not only in Portugal, but also in Africa and South America.