The Algarve coast (south Portugal) consists mainly of cliffs over the sea with an ever changing profile due to the continuous action of marine waves and other agents. This coastal dynamic, coupled with the rupture of Prainha Resort’s pool piping, provoked a landslide which left the pool’s fundations exposed and unsupported, causing a high risk situation.

Nemus was called upon by the resort to perform a geotechnical investigation campaign to ascertain the real extension of the inner rupture.

This geotechnical investigation, comprised of four surveys, detailed geological surveys and geotechnical in situ and laboratory testing, enabled the defining of priority emergency measures to minimize the instability effects until construction on the contention and stability of the pool started.

Risk analysis and geodynamic projects are one of Nemus’ specialties, particularly in coastal areas. We have already developed dozens of surveys, studies, assessments and projects like this one.