The Cape Espichel-Odeceixe Shoreline Management Plan is part of a new concept of spatial planning arising on the revision phase of the previous Shoreline Management Plans.

The intervention area of the Cape Espichel-Odeceixe Shoreline Management Plan covers a coastal stretch of 220 km (more than 20% of the coastline of mainland Portugal), featuring a significant diversity of physiographic conditions. This coastal strip has a reduced human occupation and has many areas of great ecological importance, such as four areas of the National Network of Protected Areas and nine Natura 2000 Network areas; the area covered by the Management Plan includes the only place in the world where storks nest on sea cliffs as well as the only area in Portugal, and one of the last in Europe, where you can see European otters hunting in the sea.

In addition to its ecological wealth, this coastal stretch is also an important tourist destination, a characteristic that is coupled in a remarkable way with an impressive industrial development, associated with the presence of the port areas of Setubal and Sines (the latter representing the first national port in cargo volume).

The work to be undertaken under the Espichel-Odeceixe Shoreline Management Plan project includes an assessment of the implementation of the Management Plans in effect, the characterization and diagnosis of the baseline situation, the planning model and the Strategic Environmental Assessment. The resulting work from the new Plan will be essential for the shoreline management of this extensive coastline combining an exceptional multitude of uses, which are important to ensure, maintain and develop.