To improve the operability and security of ships at Caniçal’s Maritime Terminal several expansion works were performed, including the extension of the exterior breakwater, the improvement of the access roads and the implementation of embankments.

In this project, Nemus assessed the expansion impacts and the effectiveness of the minimization measures implemented through the examination of water quality, sediments, aquatic ecosystems and noise.

After the improvements, Nemus verified the compliance with the environmental impact assessment’s terms and reevaluated the after effects of the harbour’s expansion: several samples of water, sediments and aquatic fauna and flora elements were collected and analyzed and noise levels and visual census of aquatic habitats were measured. This was performed both in the construction phase and the operation phase of the project.

Nemus’ portfolio already includes near a dozen interventions in Madeira’s harbours, such as environmental impact assessments, environmental audits, waste management planning and a variety of monitoring activities.