The Master Plan for the urbanization of Katembe is going to be possibly one of the biggest planned urban development procedures in the last few decades, similar in size and ambition as experiments like Brasília in Brazil, or Chandigarh in India. The urban planning focuses on an area with circa 4.000 hectares, where an important urban development is planned, organized into 13 execution units. These include the construction of a new bridge connecting Maputo to KaTembe, a new road network, new infrastructures, urban open space, better housing, among others.

Nemus analyzed the information on the investment costs associated with the different infrastructures, as well as cost estimates associated with the relocation of the population, alongside the building capabilities of the area in order to ensure the economic and financial equilibrium of the urbanization process.

The economic analysis of the Master Plan for the urbanization of Katembe and the partial urbanization plans of the execution units 3 and 10 performed by Nemus were an essential contribute to assemble the funding model of this operation, with an estimated overall cost of 3 billion U.S. dollars.