Nemus conducted a series of studies in order to estimate the environmental balance of the interventions performed by the Polis program in the city of Agualva-Cacém and to monitor the air and water quality and the environmental acoustics.

The monitoring included collecting and analyzing various water samples, measuring atmospheric pollutants by locally installing a mobile laboratory, measuring ambient noise and developing noise maps for the pre- and post-intervention situations. The opinion studies were based on interviews with residents and representatives of local economic activities.

The Polis program is an integrated operation of environmental requalification and enhancement with the purpose of improving the quality of urban environment. Nemus’ collaboration lasted seven years, providing a regular and consistent monitoring of the environmental conditions of the area since the pre-intervention phase.

The success of this approach and of the obtained results have led to a similar study for PolisAlbufeira and other interventions for Polis Enterprises and for ParqueEXPO, the public company promoter of the Universal Lisbon Exhibition of 1998, later converted to promote planning and urban regeneration projects.