Salvador is the municipality with the biggest population in the northeast region of Brazil and the country’s third largest. Because of its disorderly growth it suffers from serious environmental problems. The requalification process of the city of Salvador aims to recover its long lost dynamic, due to the urban expansion that caused a clear degradation of the port areas and city center.

The environmental and socioeconomic studies executed by the consortium of Nemus and V&S Ambiental, together with the urban studies, are part of a Private Initiative Interest Expression (PIE) authorized by the Concession Managing Council of the Municipality of Salvador, with the purpose of urban requalifying the Atlantic Edge of Salvador, the old city center and Itapagipe peninsula.

The topics focused on the environmental assessment – natural and cultural heritage, population and urban equipment and land use, spatial planning and urbanism – are an indication of the priorities that were defined by the team responsible for the urban studies, including a social and natural risk assessment component.