The regional development plan of KaTembe – Ponta do Ouro proposes a territory development strategy in an area of 4 thousand km2 between Maputo’s Bay and South Africa. It identifies the priority dynamization axes and the expected infrastructures and creates the appropriate framework for future plans and projects on this region.

The plan presents a territorial model based on the central aspects of human development (health, education, access to drinking water), without ignoring nature preservation, spatial planning, employment and economic development.

The proposal for spatial planning and the program for economic, social and environmental development arising from the territorial model have balanced out the dynamics of economic and urban development with the preservation of nature and the creation of infrastructures and equipment. The environmental assessment to which the plan was subjected permitted the enhancement of areas with special economic, agricultural, forestry, environmental and cultural interest and outline the guiding norms for spatial management and use, taking into account their aptitudes and restrictions.