The Execution Project awarded with the best prize in its category, winner of the National Landscape Architecture Prize in 2011 (Infrastructure Integration Category), was aimed at implementing a set of operational projects for the biophysical and landscape recovery of Óbidos’ Lagoon Shores and S. Martinho do Porto’s bay. The intervention for the rehabilitation of these various areas included eight projects, some of which executed in partnership with Consulmar.

In Óbidos’ Lagoon a reconstitution of the sand dunes line separating the lagoon from the Atlantic Ocean was performed, as well as the recovery of the shore vegetation on the lagoon and saltmarsh areas, the recovery of the existing patrimony values, support structures for the enjoyment of the lagoon (a network of footpaths and bicycle lanes with many rest areas, landscape information boards and appropriate signaling) and a system for environmental information and education.

In S. Martinho do Porto some of the interventions performed include dune recovery with the deployment of contention palisades and appropriate vegetation planting, as well as the creation of two saltmarsh areas with the constitution of platforms with appropriate dimensions and morphologies and the planting of species adjusted to this kind of habitat.