The main objective of this project was to requalify the area occupied by a ship dismantling industrial unit operating since 1976 in Alhos Vedros’ new shipyard. The project sought to substantially improve the work conditions and match the activity with the environmental norms applicable to the sensitive surrounding of Tejo’s estuary. The intervention occurred over an area of 3,2 hectares and included the paving, planning and pluvial drainage of work areas, the construction of a treatment station for waste and ballast waters and the installation of a framework and green areas.

In this study, Nemus considered ecology, water quality, landscape and socioeconomic descriptors as the critical factors since these are the most affected by the shipyard operating conditions.

This project enabled the activity of the only facility in Portugal capable of dismantling large ships and one of the few of its kind in Europe. With the installation of an effective waste management system it was possible to account the area’s economic and social dynamics with the demands of environmental protection.